Clear Channel Canada Outdoor is the exclusive signage vendor in both the Toronto and Vancouver International Airports. Products include: horizontal and vertical, backlits, mini spectaculars (backlit, available in three formats), projection (full-motion or still, 16-minute loop) and specialty (car displays, baggage signs, kiosks, hotel reservation boards). Clear Channel Canada also has a venture with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation called CBC News Express.

CBC News Express is a narrowcast television network broadcast that is customized for the airport audience providing news, weather, sports and entertainment 18 hours every day. CBC News Express is available throughout the airport in both the departure and arrival areas. Each 60-minute loop is updated six to seven times per day, seven days a week to ensure content is fresh and up-to-the-minute. Commercials represent 20 minutes of each 60-minute loop.

Airports include: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg.