Westgate City Center™


More than 30 spectacular billboards tower above Westgate City Center’s™ four–story architecture, dubbing the development the "Times Square of the West." Branded Cities’ larger–than–life signage adds a color, energy and light element to Westgate™ with a size and scope exclusive to the state of Arizona.

Unprecedented advertising and programming opportunities include both static and animated signage positioned around the property, including the 30–by–50–foot, high–definition, full–motion, LED video screen located above WaterDance Plaza. In addition, Branded Cities is in the development stage for a 150-foot Media Tower as well as two 20-by-60-foot highway billboards.

Westgate City Center™ is an evolving example of how Branded Cities ventures beyond traditional signage and transforms urban locations into dynamic destinations – places where consumers go for entertainment, dining, shopping, to work and to live and where brands are an integral part of that experience.